Scale Up

We Help Business Succeed And Grow To Their True Potential


About Our Founder

Uday Bhat is a leader with a successful track record of over 28 years in making business win!

Uday's experience is the result of the leadership challenges he has handled in three world class organization: Samsung Electronics, Hewlett Packard & Xerox

His leadership roles have been success stories in both B2C & B2B business - be it setting up new business, turning around business into profitable ones or scaling up existing business into multi million, profitable ventures.

Business success & scale is the result of merging the speed, energy, enthusiasm of an entrepreneur with the systems & processes of Corporate system - a philosophy that has been the cornerstone of Uday's leadership

These experiences and learnings are the keys to help & support start ups, entrepreneurs and companies wade through this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world! and Win!

story behind scaleUp

Great business stories happen when the passion to make a difference matches the ability to keep the long term execution going!

Entrepreneurship & businesses are magnets for people with unique minds, ideas & convictions, often armed with key traits of passion, dedication and drive to succeed.

The catch?

Not everyone is equipped with deep knowledge & understanding about what it takes to succeed. And this limits the true potential of the business to succeed.

On the other hand, great (& Successful) businesses combine thoughtful strategy, systematic execution and organizational accountability to drive business improvement, profit growth and success.

And this is a result of experience !

The passion for sharing decades of business understanding, knowledge and hands-on experience to make businesses grow & succeed was the driving force behind the start of ScaleUp.

We shorten the Learning Curve ! And we will contribute to the success of as many businesses and individuals, as we can! And cherish the creation of a prosperous future

Our Vision

To motivate, enable and support businesses for growth and create a prosperous future

Our Mission

Empower and transform businesses with our knowledge, tools and support to help achieve their vision

Our Core Values

  • Our work would be guided & recognised by our philosophy of trust, integrity & mutual respect.
  • Simplicity - Our business approach would be simple, straight forward and impactful
  • Empowerment - Our knowledge and tools would empower our customers to turn them into growth engines. We would partner them in this journey.
  • Social impact - We would strive to create success stories with as many businesses as possible and create a multiplier positive impact on the society